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Ifk Malmö
Bollklubben Flagg
Ifk MalmövsBollklubben Flagg


Matchstart:lör 08 maj, 15:00
Samling:14:15, Stadiongatan 40 Plan 09, bredvid coop
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Aktivitetsinfo: Träningsmatch P06 mot P06

Or whatever IFK brings. Which could be anything P14-U19, based on previous encounters.

If you cant be botherered to read all of it here is the short version

1 Be on time, get there yourself
2 No facilities
3 Water
4 picture ID!!!
5 Benskydd (röd, blå, röd)
6 No entourage on pitch

And here is the nice version

Som essentials. There are no Facilities att all, Restrictions have not been lifted. You will have to arrive suited and booted, or change on the pitch. Those of you who did come yesterday clearly have an advantage here, i do have matchkits with me for those that didnt, or couldnt. You will not be able to have your entourage with you. Parents, agents, bodyguards, anything not playing, has to look through the fence. Have water with you. No refills, no spares, bring what you need then double that, see it as an exercise in self reliance. No bodypiercings, watches, chains, voododolls or favorite matchbox cars on the pitch. Whoever watches youtube, plays on his phone or trades pokemon cards during the match will earn the right to unlimited benchtime. Benskydd!!!! You are not playing without!

Enough said, you know the rules. Have ID with you!

You will have to make your own way to the game. Its all part of growing up and beeing a consumate professional that youll be there in good time and have organised your own transport. It is going to be like that this season.

I , Friedo, like to help, as do some other parents, but the general rule from now on is that you, and your slightly smelly socks and shoes and stuff is transported by you, washed by you and returned by you by the next training. Again its part of our very advanced growing up training program, which you just got to go ahead and like, even if I can see that some of you will struggle.

Ring me if you have questions! 0734052646 And no, you can not choose your numbers!!!!

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